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Gated Farmhouse Communities

Watch the Sun wake-up in your backyard

The Farmhouse Company offers you an alternate lifestyle on the outskirts of Mumbai; more than just weekend homes or holiday getaways, we offer you the freedom from the small spaces, the traffic, and the pollution.

We provide you with a lifestyle, where oxygen-rich air, mineral-rich water, and organic food are not an occasion, but de rigueur; where evening gatherings at the club are a 5 minute walk, rather than a 30 minute car ride away.

About Us


We’re not saying our farms have special powers, but a lot of magical things do happen here. The slopes provide breezy afternoons all year long. Plus there’s a clubhouse with everything from brook-side lounge chairs to table tennis. Our gourmet options are largely organic, with the option to go fruit plucking for breakfast and vegetable plucking for dinner yourself.

We offer Managed Farmhouses with the housekeeping, the community-wide wifi, the staff quarters, and the club with its dining and sporting facilities to make this your first home.

We don’t like to brag, but we do think there’s something out of the ordinary going on in these farms.

The Farmhouse Company is owned, developed, and operated by Bansal Brothers (

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