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Gated Farmhouse Communities

First lot - spread over 20 acres

Watch the Sun wake-up in your backyard

The Farmhouse Company offers you an alternate lifestyle on the outskirts of Mumbai City; more than just weekend homes or holiday getaways, we offer you freedom from the cramped spaces and polluted skies of the city. We understand your urge to escape the chaos of the city and be one with nature, to lie back on the grass and watch the clouds, the clear sky, to dip your feet in a brook and see only lush greenery all around you. Or, to come home in a chauffer-driven boat!

We invite you to be a proud owner of a managed farmhouse in probably the only gated farmhouse community being developed on the outskirts of Mumbai, within 2 hours of driving distance from Alibaug Jetty and iMagica, connected by the Mumbai-Goa Highway. 


The Waterfalls

25 acre gated community abutting the 150m high Kotasha waterfalls, tucked under the Kotasha hills on three sides, 2 rivulets running right across through the property, carefully created farmhouses with a combination of land contouring with the flora and fauna, each plot boasts of young fruit bearing trees. With a very thick layer of soft earth, which is excellent for horticulture, nurtured under the supervision of our team of horticulturists to help you give you the experience that you are looking for away from the city life.

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